DopeNess Quote List

1. "It's a dog eat dog world, but I'm a cat" - Dope 2017
2. "Do a line of Prussian blue just to make the day through" - Dope 2017
3. "Stop posting boobs in my chat" - Dope 2017
4. "Throw the window out the computer" - Dope 2017
5. "That is rendering like butt" - Dope 2017
6. "I'm deep up in it!" -Dope 2017
7. "You're not in my body, feeling what I feel" -Dope 2017
8. "The horse thing is still a horse." -Dope 2017
9. "Where did they put the Czech Republic?" - Dope 2017
10. "Fun is overrated" -Brian 2017
11. "Does my knoby thing not work?: -Dope 2017
12. "The D is very pretty" -Dope 2017
13. "Eating is just enabling hunger." - Dope 2017
14. "There's flowers, it can't be Russia" -Dope 2017
15. "mono mono mono mono mono mono" Dope 2017
16. "Hodor" Hodor 2015
17. "That's a grain silo.... not a castle..." Uzrnaim 2017
18. "Thats Whiz Wumples place!" Dope 2017
19. "A taco with carnitas, marshmallows, Mexican jumping beans, tomato salsa, and a Brussels sprout" The worst taco ever 2017
20. "i think that dogs taking a dump" Dope 2017
21. "maple walnut icecream....." Dope 2017
22. "This is not an operation that happens in the absence of beer" Dope 2017
23. "The anchovies and extra anchovies are Z-fighting." Doopdoopbot 2017
24. "Pants are like the least useful rain clothes"
25. "That sheep just ate my bed!" Dope 2017
26. "I do have some dead sheep... in a box" Dope 2017
27. "I'm going deeper into your hole" -Dope
28. "An idiot is definition of you" My Summer Car 2017
29. "There's something in the road, it's probably just sausages" Dope 2017
30. "Im not awake" Pred 1/1/18
31. "If you end up around a bunch of dicks, it sucks." -Dope 2018
32. "The hoes wear out so fast!" Dope 1/2/2018
33. "banana ctrl c, ctrl v" N4SR64 1/2/2018
34. "can't milk wool off a chicken" Dope 1/3/2018
36. "Looks like Chinese takeout on a forklift" Dope 8/14/2015
37. "Oh hey I've been to that place, IT SUCKED!" Dope 1/5/2018
38. "DOG! ....or is that a pig?" Dope 1/5/2018
39. " Maybe California. Maybe there are sacs to rent in Oregon." LoudGoat 1/5/2018
40. "lol" Doopdoopbot 2017
41. "Gay street has no straightaways Kappa" Beerisyum 1/5/2018
42. "DO DO! *splat* dead." Dope 1/12/2018
43. "We're getting pounded..." -Dope 01/23/2018
44. "collect moon cheese ... did you bring the crackers?" Jan 1/24/2018
45. "space udder" Jan 1/24/2018
46. "Did I just kill an innocent tree?" -Dope 1/24/2018
47. " ok, note to anyone getting a 3d printer, buy filament thats the opposite color of you print bed" - Shadowdragon72, 2/6/2018
48. "Sitting there, vibrating with power" Dope 2/5/2018
49. "lol this is not going to work" LuckySharkRacing 2/11/2018
50. "Euro Lawn-mower Simulator" Jan 2/11/2018
51. "That was entrapment! You changed the speed limit when I wasn't looking" Dope 2/11/2018
52. "Stack them up to make a leaning tower of chicken" Jan 2/11/2018
53. "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" Dope Pre-stream Testing 2/12/2018
54. "There is very few sausage that are like, I want that" Dope 2/12/2018
55. "Why is 8 blue" Dope 2/13/2018
56. "yo your turch is chiny" Dope 2/13/2018
57. "I'm not wearing a welmet" Dope 2/18/2018
58. "WaitI know what we need to make, this! I don't have any of those things" Dope 2/18/2018
59. "There's nothing here but is there something here?" -Dope The 19th day of the second month of the 2018th year of our Lord
60. "noo ca lee errrrrr" Dope 2/20/2018
61. "I was filling in a hole somewhere" Dope 2/20/2018
62. "Crack down on the butt cam, ha!" Dope 2/23/2018
63. "My hairless cat farted today and woke itself up" - Theeldestbro 2/27/18
64. "if it's mine I can smash it, if times require a smashing" Hodor 2/27/2018
65. "I still don't know why I drew a sexy tiger dude" - Dopenessmonster 02/282018
66. "I still don't know why I drew a sexy tiger dude" Dopeness 2018
67. "You olay?" Beerisyum 2/28/2018
68. "I shouldn't mock people, but it's fun" Dope 2/28/2018
69. "You've heard of rudolph the red nosed reindeer, but have you heard of Brian the red fingered human?" Pred 3/1/1018
70. "Just keep throwing money at audio and video till its at the level you want" THP777 3/1/2018
71. "Some days, all you get is a spatula" Spaz1002 3/2/2018
72. "Art is hard" Dope 3/4/2018
73. "Fire it up and let's see what happens. (10 seconds later) Okay its hurting me, IT HURTS ALOT" Dope 3/9/2018
74. "Oh, I'm in a hole now" Dope 3/9/2018
75. "you and crusher go off and grind each other" Beerisyum 3/9/2018
76. "I'm just gonna be here, pooping myself for a while" Dope 3/13/2018 (Subnautica)
77. "you can screw a nail if you want, but nailing a screw just isn't going to work that well" Dope 3/14/2018
78. "I once drew a minotaur for someone before but I did it backwards, they were not impressed" Dope 3/15/2018
79. "oof that is a meaty taco" Dope 3/16/2018
80. "Doing the thing makes you better at the thing" Dope 3/17/2018
81. "That's too much ass... Gotta get rid of some ass" Dope 3/18/2018
82. "Never too much fox ass" PredTheFox 3/18/2018
83. "Sausage and bob fest simultaneously" Beer 3/18/2018
84. "BLEACH MY EYES CHARIZARD DING DONG" inputpassword 3/18/2018
85. "I can't wait until next month when I can't remember what these quotes are about" Beer 3/18/2018
86. "Those organ things you blow through" Dopeness The 18th day of the third month of the 2018th year of our Lord
88. "I am too lazy to do it the lazy way" - Dope 3/21/2018
89. "a flock of tape-measure wielding psychos" Dope 3/21/2018
90. " I need a reference for pants on the ground" Dope 3/24/2018
91. "cows get their heads stuck in things alot I think" Dope 3/27/2018
92. "I feel like farming would be just 90% untangling cows out of things" Dope 3/27/2018
93. "Reminds me of my favourite salad, take one salad, add bacon, remove salad, eat" Tim_NZ 3/17/2018
94. "hot rod is just a regular rod in the oven" Tim_NZ 3/17/2018
95. "wow" Pred 2018
96. " I never expected I'd be making bootleg copies of music for my grandmother." Joe 3/28/2018
97. "ermg yall making me hungry im totes trying dry cake batter" Presbarkeep 3/24/2016
98. "I let forth my mighty manly bellowing war cry" Beerisyum 4/9/2018
99. "do they even have trains in south africa" Dope
100. "Don't be afraid of erasing things" Dope
101. "I dont think doopdoop should be in the kitchen" Dope 4/20/2018
102. "icebergs... but on land" Dope 4/24/2018 (geoguessr)
103. "I never thought I'd say this but can we go back to furries now" Catboyking 4/24/2018
104. "I wonder what i have that smells the best" Dope 4/26/2018
105. "Cocaine smells like a good time" -Dope 04/26/2018
106. "I get let known.... what?" Dope 4/30/2018
109. "I think its just a bad statue guys" - DeathDragon58 4/30/2018
110. "don't dis the tactical fish" Raptorscream 5/1/2018
111. "I don't, I don't fancy that" Dope (minecraft) 5/2/2018
112. "pffft, theres no OSCHA in the nether" Dope 5/2/2018
113. "if their mascot was a cat, would it be Hell-OSHA-Kitty?" Dope 5/2/2018
114. "Current Doop Army" Shadowdragon72
115. "They only care about it (escalators) when it goes wrong and eats someone" Dope 5/8/2018
116. "Someone that will remember to do that remember to do that" beerisyum 5/9/2018
117. "Does the car have guns? Like, are the headlights replaced with machine guns or something?" - DopeNessMonster 5/9/2018
118. "a steaming taco with mashmallows, barbacoa, a boiled potato, chicken and fish" literaly the worst taco of 2018
119. -Hodor 11/15/2017
120. "de-fence-ive driving" cartoonwolf 5/13/2018 (wreckfest)
121. "doimph" Dope 5/14/2018
122. "240z engine noises" Dope
123. "It's a nard top convertible" aharmlesspie 5/20/2018
124. "mudcrawpuppydadfish" Jan 5/22/2018
126. "we're going to start a new cult where we go around farting on everybody" Dope 5/22/2018
127. "would you eat an icecream cone you personaly farted on" dope 5/22/2018
128. "Unicorn Shaped Power-Bank" just for ccrusher1
129. "You Learned CHAIR!" Raft 2018
130. "doopdoop chulupa" DeathDragon58 5/27/2018
131. "Just eat frosting? I'm no barbarian." Beerisyum 5/28/2018
132. "i just pitted a guy, who pitted a guy and I think they all ded" Dope 5/28/2018 (wreckfest)
133. "Yea I think so, forgot what I programmed" Jan 5/28/2018
134. "stop fisting around and hit him with the van" ShadowDragon72 6/4/2018 (MSC)
136. "I have a hat" -Dope 06/06/2018
137. flugger farver
138. "can you shoot marshmallows into my mouth pls thx" fresnay 6/12/2018
139. "beerrewry?" Dope 6/19/2018
140. "I suck at this game" Dope 7/1/18 (minecraft)
142. "caught that dog mid lick" dope 7/3/2018
143. "banana cream goo stuff" dope
144. "The dc pc dc to ac dc to zc yc so that the rc can fc to the sc" Deathdragon58 7/9/2018
145. "How much reese could a freezer freeze if a freezer could freeze reese" Akkip 7/9/2018
146. "hey piggy piggy pig pig" Dope (minecraft)
147. "Zombabwe" jan 7/15/2018
148. "Sometimes I want pizza. Other times I sleep." -MrAngryDucky July 16th 2018
149. "at least the murder makes it fun" Dope 7/23/2018
150. "Every fast car with pancakes for brakes is fun" MrAngryDucky 7/25/2018
152. "Where's that dog's anchor? Doesn't this town have laws?" - LoadGoat 8/15/18 GeoGuessr
153. "i kould go use my phone for the shat" Sawceboss76 8/24/18
154. "Oh, they're sucking on me again." Dopenessmonster August 31st 2018
155. "driveway seasoned moose meat"
156. "I'm like Johnny Appleseed, but with beer" Dope 9/7/2018
157. "the ice cream is irrational, you cannot reason with it " Jan 2018
158. "I don't really know how to draw" -Dope 09-04-18
159. "These are the conversations folks" - Dope 09-14-18
160. "boss makes a dollar i make a dime thats why i poop on company time" Thp777
161. "belligerent waffle connoisseurs?"
162. "I'll add weird stuff later Keepo " Jan 2018
163. "If it smells like chicken, you're doing it wrong" Uzrnaim 9/25/18
164. "Get hit in the face with some Fobbles" -Dope 9/30/2018
165. "zombie kids for christmas" dope /
166. "Tentacle ceiling monster poop" - Dope 10/10/18
167. "I'm fighting him with a potato! Not recommended" Dope 11/2/2018 minecraft
168. "taking a screenshot and putting this in my suspicious doopdoopbot folder" N4SR64 11/5/2018
169. "its like a booger enema" N4SR64 11/5/2018
170. "Stupid, stupid squid" Dope 11/11/2018
171. "The first time you play MC is like the first time you get a good quality can opener. Every thing is great, but no matter how hard you try, you can never get that first time feeling of using a decent can opener." - Tim_NZ 11/13/2018
172. "those australian panda things" - Tim_NZ 11/13/18
173. "I really wish this knob situation was a little more responsive" Dope 11/20/2018
174. "These people must have been to the color store." -Dopenessmonster Nov 11th 2018
175. "Potato Technology"
176. "tastes like a cliffbar, but with less nasty-ness" - Dope 11/28/18
177. "His man bag is very purse-like" Beer 11/29/2018
178. Tractor Rockets
179. "I think there is plenty popular dongs that are more than just a beat and repeating the smae words" - Beerisyum 12/3/2018
180. "make sure everyone knows how much of a fool I am" - Beerisyum 12/3/2018
181. "Yeah it shows twitch viewers the benefit of subscribing. Gets them addicted, and then you start using real money." podcastage 12/7/2018
182. "lumpy butter WutFace" Jan 12/11/2018
183. "I'm pretty sure that snowman was happy before I hit it." Dope 2018
184. "it seems like a bit of a turd out of the hole" dope 12/17/2018 FH4
185. "Welcome backa to the dope snacka" Tim bot 12/19/1018
186. "I've set it to lettuces mode" Dope 12/20/2018
187. "was that the one with the exploding toilet?" dope
188. "doughnuts are unhealthy" wikipedia 2018
189. "meat doughnut? are you crazy?" Dope 12/27/2018
190. "you gave him (doopdoopbot) attention, he's your problem now" Dope 1/4/2019
191. "There was a while I couldn't figure out what a cow was" -Dope 1/7/2019
192. "Ah, controller got stuck in my pocket" Dope 2/5/2019 beatsaber
193. "That is an ugly ass kitten, lol" Dope
194. "fish don't have sex in your urine, they do in the lake" Tim NZ 2/9/2019
195. "that plant is fielded" dope 2/11/2019
196. "we hit the spam limit!" chat 2/12/19
197. "Not extreme yodeling please" Dope 2/15/2019
198. "Tim's great - Dope 2019"
199. "wow these trees are noisy" Dope 2/29/2019
200. "Pizzaria Donky"
201. "pocket nugget" - Dope 3/10/19
202. "cuda, cuda, cuda, cuda, cuda, cuda, cuda, cuda, cuda, cuda, cuda, cuda, cuda, cuda, cuda, cuda, cuda, cuda, cuda, cuda" TheIdestbro
203. "Wheelchair science dude" Dope trying to remember Steven Hawking
204. "Just a lil dude running around in the world, tampering with alien tech and shouting 'woo'" Monomanokit 3/18/2019
205. "Which way is your body even, I don't know" Dope 3/19/2019
206. "manatee giraffes" Phorander 3/28/2019
207. I think I know what that was talking about -Dopenessmonster March 29th 2019
208. "Okay I think the general consensus is easter hasn't happened" wareric11 4/9/2019
209. What is the current moon situation
210. "but first we should pray to the zebra ball" - Dope Astroneer 4/21/2019
211. 2 emeralds for a tree sapling, he’s out of his mind” Dope 4/28/2019
212. "I can not find cow" Dope May 2019 -Minecraft
213. "well what if it's a consensual cow pile" Dope 5/6/2019
214. hotdog pasta nunchucks
215. "A cat just flew behind me" melissa_we 6/22/2019
216. "whoa whoa whoa, I paid good money to watch this train wreck happen." ccrusher1 6*22*2019 Pacca Plus
217. "when I take over the world, after banning the Toyota Camry I'm going to make it illegal to put chicken on a pizza" Tim NZ
219. "OOOOOOOHHHH fuck me up with some spaghetti" -paintbrushpuke 7/24/19
220. "The tractor on the roof was the easy part"
221. "GeoGuessr probably the best!" Badly coded bot 8/1/2019
222. "fire safety is for squares" Uzrnaim 8/2/2019
223. "If my boss ate my sandwich, I'd fire him" Helion102 8/2/2019
224. "when in doubt, go meta SeemsGood" -cartoonwolf 8/7/19
225. "When in doubt, go meta SeemsGood " _Cartoonwolf aka Jan 8/7/19
226. "wumpsa" -- Dope 8/12/19
227. "sounds like it was recorded in a bathtub in space" Dope 8/12/2019
228. "why are these knobs green" Dope 8/15/2019
229. "lots of butt time in the harvester today" - Dope 8/21/19
230. "feedforneedspeeds" Dope
231. "Something about sucking on wolf titties" Beerisyum 8/24/2019
232. "Dennis Supreme Potato Supplies"
233. "Fishcotheque"
234. "Does a donkey count as a Cul de Sac?" Mellissa_WE 8/24/2019
235. "Wait, wheres my farm" Dope 8/26/2019
236. Utah does not equal Youtube
237. "I ate too many chicken nuggets and passed out on the couch" dope 8/30/2019
238. "punch out, come home, dinosaurs!" dope 9/9/2019
239. "Your wife got around the pole." -Dopenessmonster September 13th 2019(yes it's a friday)
241. "is this the potato explosion we've been waiting for" jan 9/17/209
242. "add chicken"
243. "A watched boil never pops" -beerisyum 9/23/19
244. "seating capacity: 4 persons or 8 clowns" Jan 10/11/2019