Doopdoopbot Commands

Link to Space Navigator page
!8ballConsult the Magic 8 Ball
!autodeskAuto desk
!autosaveAutosave counter
!ban [thing]Bans the thing
!barf !pukeMakes Doopdoopbot throw up
!bingoLink to DopeNess Bingo
!brosinstagramLink to bro's Instagram
!burgerMakes a burger
!catmafiaCoolCat party
!distracted [times]Distraction counter
!doopTickle Doopdoopbot
Chance of failure or success
!followdate [user]When you or [user] followed
!fortune !fortunecookieEat a fortune cookie but not the fortune
!icecreamGives you ice cream
!gameCurrent game
Brings you to this page :P
!lastsong !playlistLast songs played
!listquoteList all the quotes
!pcBuild a PC
!pizzaBakes a pizza
!quoteGet a random quote
!ruined [times]RUINED IT
Link to the comic
Name of song now playing
!statsMildly interesting stats
!tacoMakes a taco
!throw [thing]
!flip [thing]
Throws/flips [thing]
!titleStream title
!timeCurrent time
!uptimeShow the uptime
!zfighting [player 1] vs [player 2]MOOOOORTAAAAL KOOOMMBAAAAT
User commands
Moderator commands
!addbingo [phrase]Adds entry to Bingo board
!delbingo [phrase]Deletes entry from Bingo board
!addquote [phrase]Adds entry to quotes list
!delquote [phrase]Deletes entry from quotes list